If YouTubers' AdSense revenues are rather stable according to the publication rhythm (and seasons), sponsorship revenues are often much more uncertain. They depend on the brands' choices for each campaign, as regular campaigns (ambassadors) are rare.


 Wizdeo proposes to eligible Creators to :

  • Benefit from a guaranteed annual amount of sponsored operations proposals, of course by respecting your choice criteria for the brands
  • Benefit from a lower Wizdeo commission vs Creator without a Sponsor+ contract (15% vs 20%). For the same campaign brought by Wizdeo, a Sponsor+ Creator earns more than without
  • Remain non-exclusive and continue to manage your other operations on your own or with your agent/agency
  • Have priority over other Creators on campaigns managed by Wizdeo
  • Be more attractive for brands. Indeed, even if on your side you will receive from Wizdeo a fixed amount (+ sometimes a bonus) for a sponsored operation, the brand pays Wizdeo a variable amount according to the views or its sales. And for all MG Creators, we lower the price on the brand side -without touching your fixed amount- to encourage them to choose you

How does Wizdeo guarantee an annual amount of proposed sponsored operations?

In order to keep its commitment to bring you a large volume of sponsored operations, Wizdeo carries out three important actions :

  1. While paying a fixed amount to the Creators, Wizdeo is paid a variable amount by the brands. This is a huge asset that often allows Wizdeo to be consulted in priority, or even exclusively by brands that no longer want to take the risk of lower views or sales results themselves. So we have more and more proposals for Creators
  2. We prioritize the Sponsor+ Creators by a visual highlighting on the lists of Creators proposed to the brands, and as we know them better, we are able to present them better
  3. And above all, Wizdeo lowers its commission for brands, through a higher guarantee of views for all Sponsor+ Creators. So there is an additional financial advantage for brands to choose them (see article brand guarantee).

How much does it cost?

Wizdeo commits to an amount of guaranteed sponsorship campaign proposals in exchange of a commission to be paid to Wizdeo if this amount is reached.

The calculation of the annual commission to be paid to Wizdeo is fixed at 15% of the objective.

For example, if Wizdeo proposes to guarantee 30,000 euros of operation proposals over the year, the Wizdeo commission, if the objective is reached, will be 15% of 30,000 euros, i.e. 4500 euros.

The Wizdeo commission is not to be paid all at once, you pay it little by little according to the amount of operations reported per month. If Wizdeo reaches less than 50% of the objective: the already-paid commission will be fully refunded. If Wizdeo reaches more than 50% of the objective, Wizdeo refunds a part of the commission already paid.

More information about Sponsor+.

The progress is made transparently with the integration of the objective and its progress on WizApp.

Who can benefit from it?

All creators, even those who wish to continue to manage their relationships with brands on their own or with an agent and who meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least 75K subscribers
  • Have a median of views at 30 days of at least 20K views per video
  • Have published at least 2 videos in the last 30 days
  • Have made at least 2 sponsored videos in the last 6 months

WizApp for a transparent follow-up

Wizdeo makes it easy for you to track your campaigns and revenues from sponsored operations on the WizApp app. If you are a member of the MCN or if you benefit from our copyright optimization services, you will also be able to track the revenues related to these services.

You don't need to be part of the MCN to download and use this application, it is open to everyone.

If you are interested in guaranteeing additionnal annual sponsorship revenues? You can simulate your annual guarantee if you are eligible by going to the "Sponsor+" tab on WizApp or you can contact us directly.


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