Watch time, the key to success?

In their strategy today, YouTube seeks to promote channels that keep users on their platform for a long period of time.  With millions of videos and various media outlets available, if you want to retain your audience’s interest  it’s crucial to propose content that is engaging and meets their expectations.

What is it?

The “Audience retention” feature in YouTube Analytics reports on the ability of your videos to keep the attention/interest of your audience.

The audience retention of a video is measured in two ways: absolute audience retention and relative audience retention.

  • Absolute audience retention establishes a ratio between the number of views at a given time in the video and the number of views at the very beginning of the video. The curve varies depending on several factors: it can increase if viewers re-watch a certain section or diminish if the viewers skip ahead or leave the video.
  • Relative audience retention compares the audience retention of your video to the average audience retention of all YouTube videos of a similar length.  Just like the absolute audience retention, the curve of relative audience retention increases if viewers re-watch a certain section and diminishes if the viewers skip ahead or leave the video.

What can I take away from this data?

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