Lors de sa rencontre annuelle cette semaine avec ses gros partenaires européens, YouTube nous a annoncé le relooking complet de ses chaînes.

Ci-dessous, le mail d'information de YouTube :

Mail YouTube :                                         

Latest Channels design
Your feedback has been tremendously helpful as we’ve experimented with Channel designs via Cosmic Panda and other initiatives. We’ve listened to that feedback, and wanted to share the latest version of Channels.

The main changes you’ll notice are:

  • Customize Your Channel: You can promote your favorite content in the featured tab and choose a template that fits your content.
  • Engage Your Audience: You’ll be able to publish content to your subscribers through the new Channels feed--even when you don’t have a new video to upload. Videos you Like and Favorite will also appear in the feed to keep your subscribers entertained.
  • Expand Your Presence: When viewers go to the watch page, some elements of your Channel follow them (e.g. some of your videos), helping you to maintain your presence across YouTube.

This page is your portal into and out of the latest Channels design, so have fun playing around! Once you opt in, changes you make and publish to your Channel will only be seen by others on YouTube who are opted in via this page, and people who are still opted in to the Cosmic Panda experiment. In a few weeks, we’ll be back in touch and let you know when to publish the new channel for everyone to see - this is your chance to get ahead of the game and get your channel looking fabulous. If you would like to go back to your old Channel, you can opt out at any time via the same page.

Have more questions? We have resources within the Help Center and Guided Help including a Channels Checklist to walk you through the new design. And starting in December, we’ll be sharing optimization tips and other suggestions for making your channel shine with the new design.

As always, we’re constantly looking for feedback, so please share your thoughts through the blue bar in the Channels design.


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