Should we directly start a video with a product placement, or should we hook the audience within a few seconds, or either postpone it after several minutes ? This is a frequently asked question for Brands and Creators ... and everyone has their own opinion on the matter:

If the brand integration is too early, the audience will likely skip the ad, if the integration is too late, I may have already lost a portion of the audience.

So, to solve it, we decided to find the answer by numbers, based on a dataset of 340 videos for which we have the click-through rate per 1000 views, as well as the placement segment timecode.

To mark the new year, Wizdeo presents the rankings for the last half of 2023 for campaigns with influencers from french-speaking countries , and helps you better understand brand strategies with a comparison of the previous year. 

Décalage des paiements, RPM variable, corrections, introduction des Shorts, fin de la rétroactivité… beaucoup de changements ont affecté les revenus de droits d’auteur, et notamment entre 2022 et 2023 : Wizdeo fait le point et explique comment elle a aidé ses Créateurs.

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