Décalage des paiements, RPM variable, corrections, introduction des Shorts, fin de la rétroactivité… beaucoup de changements ont affecté les revenus de droits d’auteur, et notamment entre 2022 et 2023 : Wizdeo fait le point et explique comment elle a aidé ses Créateurs.

At the end of 2022, some web articles warned about the decline of YouTube views among YouTube Creators like Joueur du Grenier, Cyprien or Nota Bene...

Wizdeo tried to check if the phenomenon was real and if it was spreading to all YouTube channels/videos.

Continuing with the advertiser crisis in 2018, YouTube is still pursuing its efforts to moderate content on the platform (detecting nudity or offensive content in thumbnails, title, description, audio, or visuals), and it is clear that over time YouTube's Artificial Intelligence has become more sophisticated.

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