Super Thanks is currently available in beta version, only for a small group of creators monetizing their content.

This new feature allows creators to activate an additional revenue stream and interact with users who want to thank them for their content.

On a channel's video page, viewers can purchase a fun animation called "Super Thanks" illustrated by clapping. This one-time animation is displayed as an overlay on the video, and only the viewer who purchased it can see it. As a bonus, a colorful and original commentary appears in the comments section of the video.

How can I activate Super Thanks ?

  1. Log in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the left menu, click on Monetization.
  3. Select the Super Products tab and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. At the end of this process, you should see a Super Thanks activation button appear in the "Super Products" tab.
    • Activate Super Thanks.
    • Once enabled, the Super Thanks button will appear on all your videos (new and old). However, it will not appear on your live broadcasts or premieres.

When a user purchases a Super Thanks, a colored comment will be automatically published from him on the video.

You can find out who has purchased a Super Thanks by applying the dedicated filter in the comments section of YouTube Studio.

You can review your video’s comments, reply to them, send them hearts and delete them. If a buyer deletes their Super Thanks comment, it will not appear in your comments.

You can view revenue reports and total Super Thanks revenue for each video in the YouTube Analytics transaction revenue report.

You receive Super Thanks revenue in the same way you receive AdSense revenue. Creators receive 70% (before Wizdeo sharing) of the revenue generated by Super Thanks and recognized by Google, after deducting local sales tax and the applicable App Store commission on iOS. Transaction costs, including credit card fees, are covered by YouTube.

If you have any questions about Super Thanks, contact your manager at Wizdeo or contact us directly on our form.

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