hashtag couv

Like other social networks, YouTube gets serious about hashtags. And it's a good opportunity for you to boost the chances of your channel being more visible.

YouTube takes into account the watch time of your videos to determine how to reference them in the search engine.  The “average view duration” of your videos in absolute value is more important than the “average percentage viewed.” For example, a long video with an average percentage viewed of 40% and an average view duration of 4 minutes is referenced better than a shorter video with an average percentage viewed of 70% but an average view duration of only 2 minutes 30 seconds. 

To improve the watch time, the best thing to do is find a scenario that will captivate your audience until the end of the video.  Of course, this is easier said than done!  To help give you some inspiration, here are some very creative ideas that we found can help significantly improve the watch time of your videos (average view duration) and even encourage people to re-watch some of your content.

Building your brand is as important as building your subscriber community.  To see how many people know about your brand, use the tool “Google trends.”  Where does your brand stand in relation to other channels?  This article will teach you about brand awareness and give you the tips you need to create it, improve it, and use it to your advantage!

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