Logo Wizdeo AnalyticsThe Wizdeo Analytics tool, developed by Wizdeo, allows you to better analyze your audiences and get a market study by providing daily monitoring of more than 700,000 channels on YouTube, in France and worldwide, classified by categories. It is in full development, you will see many improvements in the months to come, but it can already be very useful to you.

To learn more about your channel's performances but also compare yourself to the competition, read this article carefully:

Wizdeo Analytics, the tool which helps you to analyze your channel and video stats, developed by Wizdeo, is accessible to all !

Here is a quick guide, to help you make the most of it and find the information that will be most relevant to you.

In YouTube Analytics there is an option that lets you see how many of your subscribers actually watched your video: click on "Traffic Sources" and you'll find the box "Show only subscriber views (Web only)." 

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Before this option, you had to guess how many views came from subscribers by adding up the traffic coming from “My subscriptions” and “subscription feeds,” but now you can see the exact number of subscriber views regardless of the path they took to get to the video.  For example, this feature will count views from subscribers even if they arrive at your video from the “suggested videos” section or from an annotation.

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