It is very important to stay constant in your channel concept to ensure that your subscribers remain loyal and return.  But how do you know what aspect of your videos is of interest to your subscribers so that you can reproduce it in the future? Looking at video views alone is not a good enough reference.  Videos become popular for various reasons but even if they have a high number of views from other sources they could still be really low in terms of subscriber views.  To get a good idea of what your subscribers want to be watching, it’s best to look at subscriber views over a series of videos.

For this, Wizdeo partners can access the tool “Wiztracker."

Gaining subscribers? That’s great! But just because your subscriber base has grown does not necessarily mean that your subscribers are active.  Result?  Even channels that exceed 500,000 or a million subscribers may be getting fewer views than when they had 100,000 subscribers! How can you make it so that your views rise with your subscribers? The following article gives you ways to increase your views thanks to your fan base.

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