If YouTubers' AdSense revenues are rather stable according to the publication rhythm (and seasons), sponsorship revenues are often much more uncertain. They depend on the brands' choices for each campaign, as regular campaigns (ambassadors) are rare.

influencers are natural marketersAs a creator, finding new revenue opportunities and dealing with business partners can be awkward vs. dealing with your community and living your passion.

Businesses are a very different audience than your community: they are varied, with brands, platforms, MCNs, agents, agencies, producers… and their expectations aren’t to be entertained, but to get specific deliverables. So what should you do in order to reach this new audience ?

creators youtube money revenue

In a previous article, we discussed about the challenges for influencers to find and select the most relevant revenue opportunities for them. There isn’t yet today a true and broad “influencer market” where you can see and choose the services you want to provide and select their buyers. But there’s still a lot you can do to sell yourself better, be more visible and find more revenues. The key being getting access to data

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