Royalty Free Music

Our partner Epidemic Sound is a massive and free audio track library discharged of any copyright infringement.

How to login ?

  • STEP 1 - Use the following link:

  • STEP 2 - Click the red "Log In / Signup" button on the top right corner of the page
    epidemic sound player home

    To get access to the audio library as a Wizdeo Partner, a delay from 1 to 3 days has to be taken into account between the 1st day in the network and the day you’ll be able to sign-up as a Wizdeo Partner.

  • STEP 3 - In the "Partner / MCN" section, select "Wizdeo" and click the "Log In" button
    epidemic sound select mcn
  • STEP 4 - Select your Google account linked with your YouTube channel.
    google select account

STEP 5 - Choose a password for your Epidemic Sound account and "Sign Up"

choose a password sign up.PNG


  • STEP 6 - Accept the terms and conditions and click on "I Agree

terms and conditions.PNG


The next time you connect to Epidemic Sound the process changes slightly. You first have to go here.

connecter sans mcn.PNG


No need to choose Wizdeo as a network (it will no longer appear in the drop-down menu). Just fill in the top part of the Log In box to log in to your account.

There you go! Find the best track for your video.

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