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Wizdeo Analytics’ influencer selection tool, with its unique method, allows you to find influencers based on the proximity between your target audience and the influencer’s audience. Below you’ll find how it works :

Step 1 : Define your audience interests

1/ Enter content categories to refine your audience’s interests

2/ Enter your audience’s center of interests (up to 4). 

When you entered all your center of interests, click on the “get keywords button” and select relevant keywords to your audience’s center of interest.


Step 2 : Get relevant influencers and experts list and filter on your KPIs

You have now access to 2 lists :

  • The influencers list
  • The experts list


But what is the difference between those 2 lists ?

Influencers are those whose community and audiences have the most affinity for the interests you have selected. The higher the proximity index of the audience (in green), the higher their audience is on your interests : it’s all about audience.

Experts are the most specialized creators on your centers of interests. This means that their content usually speaks about these topics. Their index of expertise shows the tendency of this channel to create content around your centers of interest. Experts often have a smaller fan base.

Depending on your campaign’s type and goal, your brand or product and/or your target audience, you should whether choose experts or influencers for your campaign.

For example, Adobe for its product Photoshop, would rather choose experts as he/she would need to be specialized on this product to be able to speak to its audience as the goal of this campaign is to be relevant in front of an audience with high expectations on its influencer expertise.

On the other hand, a company like Ariel who wants to focus on a precise audience for it’s new laundry liquid product, in this case they wanted to target busy and working women over 25 . For this they needed to have a more deeper look on the influencer’s audience criteria (cooking, beauty, reading, decoration, cleaning, work…) vs criteria of the influencer himself as their goal is to reach and convert the largest proportion of audience who are busy women over 25.


After the first two steps of the influencer selection, you can sort/filter your influencers result list on :

  • Audience proximity : a high and green score means : this influencer has a high proportion of his audience who is interested by the keywords/interests you selected
  • 60-days views average per video : the average of 60-days views one influencer can have on his/her video.
  • Engagement rate : a high engagement rate means that the influencer engage a lot his/her audience
  • Audience demography : You’ll find several demographics segmentation on Wizdeo Analytics : Female and Male and 13-17, 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 54+. You can filter or/and sort to get the highest percentage on the demography you wish to target

In total, you have access to more than 70 KPIs to narrow down your search results on Wizdeo Analytics.


Eager to find the right influencers for your next campaign ? Register for free to try our influencer selection tool : https://analytics.wizdeo.com/en/bc_campaigns/help


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