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Tracking your channel's data to develop it is essential on YouTube. Good News:Wizdeo Analytics for Creators becomes accessible to all! Access a powerful tool to better understand and influence the evolution of your channel.

Only accessible by Wizdeo MCN partners until last week, Wizdeo Analytics provides now all connected YouTube creators with numerous tools to grow their audience and increase revenues: Follow the evolution of your channel and rely on personalized data and recommendations to optimize its development! Note that all Wizdeo Analytics data are certified by the YouTube Measurement Program.



To better understand how to increase your subscriber base and channel’s views, one must be able to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. Rather than letting you run after the relevant data, Wizdeo Analytics sends you the most relevant data info by email once a month. You can also consult them from your channel dashboard in the Monthly Reports section.

Every month, receive in your mailbox the best and worst performances of your videos, as well as your subscriber progression compared to your competitors’. Get unique information not available on YouTube Analytics, including everything there is to know about your monthly RPMs, ranked from the best to the worth ones.

Very quickly and on the same page, access to a large number of essential data to understand the evolution of your channel.

To learn more about this tool, you can refer to this article or give it a try by connecting your channel on Wizdeo Analaytics



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With Wizdeo Analytics, you can view your data on all your social networks from the same dashboard. Check your YouTube stats in the same place, but also the number of fans on your other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

An overview is displayed for each social network, adapted to the specificities of each platform (likes, followers, shares…). This tool allows you to keep a consistent strategy across all your networks as well as better management your community. You can follow several data: fans evolution, the posts performances.... For example you can sort your posts by the criteria of your choice according to your goal (likes, comments, etc. ...) to find the posts that have performed the best and be able to identify best practices for your next publications.



Wizdeo Analytics allows you to thoroughly analyze each of your videos to identify which ones perform best and understand why.

With its analysis tools, you have access, among others, to the RPM per video, the estimation of your future income, but also to see the favorite videos of your subscribers to better understand what they like and meet their expectations. This feature allows you to find the criteria that make your videos generate the most revenues and adapt your programming by integrating those criteria on your next videos.

This analysis not only allows you to identify the videos that help you achieve the goal you have set for yourself, but also to understand why they are effective in order to learn the good practices.


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With Wizdeo Analycs, you will not only get to know your channel and its performance better, but also better position yourself in the YouTube environment.

By comparing your ranking with other Creators, find out who your true competitors are and compare your strengths / weaknesses with them. You can also add notifications so you don’t miss any major information about the channels you follow.

To best reach your goals, Wizdeo Analytics offers you a wide variety of criteria to compare with your competitors: ranking by subscribers gained by month on your country or worldwide, on your categories or any other category, ranking between channels with close audiences, by views and subscribers evolution, by 7/30/90 first days performances...

Wizdeo Analytics also lets you customize your own ranking by creating a group with your Creator friends or with those you want to follow. You can also set up a subscribers evolution tracking directly on your dashboard with two other Creators of your choice.



Learn to collaborate with potential partners on the platform: Wizdeo Analytics tells you which YouTubers are close to your audience to choose the best partners for a cross-promotion. The purpose of this feature is to allow you to find potential Creators whose audience is close enough to you so that the collaboration is relevant, but distant enough to allow you to reach a new audience that does not know you yet. Inviting or being invited by a close-in-audience YouTuber on your channel allows you to gain views and subscribers by using effective redirections (cards, links in the description ...)

In addition, during Brand Content operations where several profiles are required, you have the opportunity to put forward this tool to point out yourself relevant partners. This pro-active and efficient attitude will maximize your chances of reworking with this brand in the future!




You do not have access to the YouTube Partner Program that monetizes your channel and you want to understand how to grow your channel to get it? Wizdeo Analytics is the best way to have at your fingertips all the data you need to meet the prerequisites for this program.

Each of these features will be an asset to better understand what makes your videos perform and how to increase your views and subscribers, but also to understand how the Creators around you perform, and thus apply best practices.


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Three offers exist for Wizdeo Analytics:


- An offer at 2 euros for 1 month : Test the tool for 1 month and observe the benefits of these features on your channel


- An offer at 10 euros for an access of 6 months to go further


- An offer at 15 euros for a 12 months access to fully embark on the adventure


To benefit from this offer, just go here.


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