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Live community events, cross-promotions, answering comments, sponsorships... There are multiple ways for influencers to grow communities or revenues but many feel it is hard to discover and connect with all those opportunities, and even more to get data to select the most rewarding of them. 

As a YouTuber you might have struggled to make your first 1000 euros with YouTube ads,  you may have had a brand content contract or you’re looking to have one,  or wanted to create & distribute your branded T-shirts. In the past few years, the number of opportunities to grow your revenues and audience as a creator have really exploded.  

It can be challenging to understand how to gain access to those opportunities, to know which are actually relevant to your channel, but also which ones are the best fit.

According to a study put forward by Social Media Examiner, few YouTube Creators actually benefit from all of these sources of revenue. This chart shows how revenue opportunities are taken up (or not).


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 Source : Social Media Examiner



Advertising : 

Most of you are familiar with revenue coming from ads put on your content. As a content Creator, YouTube is not the only platform which can help you earn from advertising, there are plenty of them especially internationally like Youkou or Toutiao which are Chinese platforms. Finding new revenue platforms and optimizing them to get the most revenue from your content can be challenging.


Brand Deals :

Those are all the sponsored operations you can do with a brand, from product placement to representing the brand as an ambassador. Since brands and agencies pay more attention now to micro-influencers, there are growing opportunities for creators to work with brands. However it can be hard to find the best match between you ( your iimage, creator and audience affinity with the brand, scheduling…) and brands (past and forecasted performances, target audience…).


Content Licensing :

Content Licensing relates to royalties you are owed by creating original content. In France, Creators have access to organisms like the SACD or the Scam for which they can register their content to generate royalties. However, a lot of Creators find it it hard to claim their rights, even though, some can double their YouTube Ad revenues with royalties.


Audience Development :

Those are opportunities to grow your channel's audience: optimizing your SEO, playlists, cards or collaborating with close influencers to bring new fans... Significantly growing your channel's audience can help you increase the number of revenue opportunities. It is often difficult to know which tool is the more relevant or even choose the best actions for the audience or subscriber objective you want to reach.  


Merchandising :

Selling your own products is a revenue opportunity which emerges as soon as you have a significant community ready to buy from you. Many platforms help Creators with their merchandising like DFTBA, SpreadShirt or even Amazon. Itt is important to study the data of your community to understand when it would be more profitable to launch such an operation or if it will be profitable at all.


Donations :

Your community can reward you for your content through donation platforms like Patreon, but also on other platforms used for broadcasting content such as Twitch. This can be optimized by a better understanding of your community through data analysis.


Services :

As your channel grows, your expertise in the influencer world grows and your knowledge becomes valuable. Creators can provide consulting for agencies, brands... or participate in talk shows in order to share experience and insights. Analyzing your brands and fans audience can help you understand if there is an opportunity for you on a particular service that you can provide.



Wizdeo, in addition to be an MCN, also helps Creators outside its Network to develop new revenue opportunities:

-       By helping creators find and choose the best revenue opportunities based on their profile

-       By forecasting potential additional revenues and give the creator an idea of what he can earn

-       By minimizing Creators investment (our goal is zero investment from YouTubers to access new revenue opportunities)

All those services are uniquely powered by a big data analytical tool : Wizdeo Analytics


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