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Gaming creators are already familiar with the Membership feature and the release was very much awaited for the rest of the YouTube universe. Now that the feature is out of beta, find out what it offers and how to access it.

Available until now only for Creators on YouTube Gaming, the Membership feature is now available across YouTube. Once activated, this feature allows your subscribers to be a member on your channel for a subscription of 4.99euros per month. Thanks to this subscription, they can then benefit from the following advantages:

 - Exclusive subscription badge displayed publicly next to your username when you send messages in the live chat of the channel you subscribed to (if the channel offers this feature)

- Exclusive access to the channel's personalized public emojis in live chat (if the channel offers this feature)

- Disabling idle mode in live chat for active subscribers

- Exclusive access to live chats for subscribers (if the channel offers this feature)


How to access this feature

Be careful however, certain criteria must also be respected in order to activate the feature. In addition to accepting the terms and conditions of the platform, Creators must meet the following conditions:

- More than 100,000 subscribers.

- Be part of the YouTube Partner Program.

- Being older than 18.

- No active strike


The benefits you offer to subscribers who subscribe must obviously also respect the YouTube Community Guidelines. Once activated, the feature may also be suspended if the channel receives two community strikes or changes MCN.

Once you are eligible, you can enable this feature from your dashboard in the Features tab. Note that for gaming channels that have already activated subscriptions on YouTube Gaming: the feature will be activated automatically on YouTube.

Since the feature is still being deployed by YouTube, only Wizdeo partners on the Managed CMS have the option to activate it.

This feature can be particularly interesting for your most loyal subscribers. You can also access your most active commentators with Wizdeo Analytics! To do so, simply go to the Tools / YouTube Contributors tab. You will then have the list of the users who comment the most your videos to be able to speak to them about the exclusive contents which can bring a subscription to your chain!

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Feel free to contact your Account Manager if you would like help determining which benefits you can offer to your members !

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