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AUPI agency helps YouTube talents in their management of their channel and their business emails, brings them new opportunities for partnerships with brands and manages on their behalf the relationship with these brands.

Since February 8, Marc-Antoine Bar and his team continue their activity alongside Wizdeo to reinforce and diversify the proposals of brand content campaigns to AUPI partner talents and Wizdeo partner talents, while giving them access to other Wizdeo services: management and collection of royalties , copyright management on YouTube, Wizdeo Analytics license for Creators.

AUPI's brand content operations enable influencer talents to access exclusive brand content proposals and to benefit from assistance in carrying out these operations, by enhancing their value for the brands, with full transparency on the commissions.

What's new for Wizdeo partners?

For those who wish to subscribe to our new offers, your account managers will now help you with the management of your sponsored operations, your mailboxes and deeper support. Your talent managers will soon come back to you to talk to you about those new services.

And for AUPI talents?

They will be granted access to Wizdeo's services: management and optimization of copyright revenues, Wizdeo Analytics license and copyright management. We will soon come back with more info on those new offers.

AUPI talents include some great YouTubers like Siphano, Skyyart, Aypierre, Frigiel, Newtiteuf, PinkGeek, Benzaie, Yomax, Fuzelll, Tartin, Tonioo25, Superbrioche666, who will join Wizdeo's talents: le Bled’Art, GameMixTreize, TheKAIRI78, TheDollBeauty, MrBboy45, PRIME, Nextaz, les Segpa, The FragHD, StudioKoco, Cuisinerapide, Garry’s School… We wwill soon come back to you with more details on our new offers.

To learn more, do not hesitate to contact us or contact your account manager.

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