Building your brand is as important as building your subscriber community.  To see how many people know about your brand, use the tool “Google trends.”  Where does your brand stand in relation to other channels?  This article will teach you about brand awareness and give you the tips you need to create it, improve it, and use it to your advantage!

How do people remember your brand? If your brand name is long or complicated, what is the most common way that people write it? 

The option "YouTube Search" in Google trends allows you to narrow your results to trends on YouTube (which you will note varies greatly from searches on the web).  This is option is very useful because it enables you to compare different spellings or variations of your brand name.

Enter several different spellings of your channel/brand name into the “add term” boxes. Then, change the geographical area to the one that concerns you, select a time period, and limit your search to "YouTube Search.”

For example look at how we compared the different spellings/variations of the brand "Age of Noobz."


The search results show that the terms "age of noobz" and "age noobz" are what people use the most when talking about the brand “age of noobz.”  On the other hand, the term "ageofnoobz" has low search results and misspelled searches have almost no results at all.  Conclusion: the channel name "age if noobz" is well chosen because it is apparently easy for people to remember and spell. 

If your brand is easy to remember, use it to strengthen your reputation!  

In our example, the terms that people remembered most were "age of noobz" and "age noobz." Therefore, it’s necessary to highlight these terms by including them on video thumbnails and on the channel logo to help make it more visible and to ensure that newcomers remember your brand.  

Warning: some terms may have high search results because they have other meanings that are pertinent to recent events or are related to something that happens to be trending online.  For example, the term "noobz" went through a period of popularity in the U.S. when the movie “Noobz” was being released.   It is therefore necessary to pay attention so that you don’t mistake your brand for being well known when in fact people aren’t searching for your channel at all.  In this case, limiting search results to just France would have helped us avoid having our results skewed by the movie.


Only if a term has a different meaning in your geographic area, should you limit the search to a specific category.

As you can see in the image below, when looking at "all categories" the term "noobz" appears slightly higher than "age of noobz."  However, when we limit the search to just the “video game” category the tendency is reversed.  You need to be careful with the use of categories and subcategories and with the terms that you choose to compare.



Where do you stand in comparison to other channels/brands?

To see if your brand is well or poorly known compared to other channels in the same domain, you should compare your brand with other brands/channels.

For example: channels dedicated to the video game “League of Legends"

The brand "Jiraiya" is 3 times more searched for than the brand skyyart, 5 times more than Corobizar, and 7 times more than "age of noobz"

Create and improve your brand awareness

To improve your brand awareness it is important to have a short channel name that is also relevant and easy to remember, pronounce, and write.  Make sure that you add your brand name to your logo/avatar and to your thumbnails so it will be immediately visible to people viewing your page. Also create a banner and intros / outros where the logo is visible.

By following this advice you can raise the search frequency for your brand, which will in turn increase the views coming from your channel page and from YouTube searches.


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