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Three years after the launch of its paid subscription in the United States, YouTube Red changes its name, divides into two separate offers, and goes international.

Some of you have seen a new form of income in recent years: the YouTube Red membership. Available only to US users, this feature offers, in exchange for a monthly subscription, several benefits: watch offline videos, listen to unlimited music, enjoy original programs centered on the Creators ...

With this feature, the user no longer sees ads on the platform. The revenues collected by the YouTube Creator are not linked to the ads but to the subscription paid by the user : the YouTube Creator touches a part of it.

This principle is now going international under another name: YouTube Premium. This new offer offers two separate subscriptions.

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Two offers for every need

Behind YouTube Premium are actually two offers: YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. Respectively at 11.99€ and 9.99€ per month, they both offer ad-free content, play videos in the background, and download content legally on the YouTube Music platform. However, only the YouTube Premium subscription provides the same features on the YouTube platform, as well as access to YouTube Originals, original content produced by YouTube.

Both offers can benefit from 3 months of free trial and a family account, giving access to the feature to up to 6 family members aged 13 or over for 17.99 € / month on YouTube Premium and 14,99 € / month for YouTube Music Premium.


A source of additional income

This feature potentially represents a new source of revenue for you because, unlike an advertisement that may not be displayed to improve the user's comfort when he watches a lot of videos in one sitting for example, the views made by subscribers YouTube Premium and Music Premium reward you every time they watch your videos.

This offer is now open in 16 other countries, the list of which is available here.

These revenues can be viewed from Wizdeo Analytics in the Revenue tab.


Revenus Mensuels YTR EN

Screenshot made before launching the feature Internationally. These revenues are expected to grow after launch.

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