Wizdeo Analytics, the tool which helps you to analyze your channel and video stats, developed by Wizdeo, is accessible to all !

Here is a quick guide, to help you make the most of it and find the information that will be most relevant to you.

Dashboard: a quick overview of your performances

At a glance, you have a summary of your channel if you are signed in and have added a YouTube channel to your Wizdeo Analytics account. From the Dashboard, you can access to your average views, subscribers, monthly views and monthly subscriber views.

WA Dashboard Public1 EN

You also have access to your 5 most viewed videos as well as your country and category rankings. A chart also shows you close channels in audience in order to choose your future collaborators with more efficiency.

WA Dashboard Public 2 EN


Go further with the Wizdeo Analytics license

Until now only available for our partners, Wizdeo offers you access to its tool Wizdeo Analytics . You too, follow the evolution of your channel and rely on solid and personalized data and recommendations to optimize its development !


Every month, receive in your mailbox the best and worst performances of your videos, as well as your subscriber progression compared to your competitors. Get unique information not available on YouTube Analytics, including everything there is to know about your monthly RPMs, ranked from the best to the worth ones.


With Wizdeo Analytics, you can view your data on all your social networks from the same dashboard. Check your YouTube stats on the same dashboard, but also the number of fans on your other social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Wizdeo Analytics allows you to thoroughly analyze each of your videos to identify which ones perform best and understand why.

With its analysis tools, you have access, among others, to the RPM per video, the estimation of your future income, but also to see your subscribers' favorite videos to better understand what they like and meet their expectations. 


By comparing your ranking with other Creators, find out who your true competitors are and compare your strengths / weaknesses with them. You can also add notifications so you don’t miss any major information about the channels you follow.

Learn to collaborate with potential partners on the platform: Wizdeo Analytics tells you which YouTubers are close to your audience to choose the best partners for a cross-promotion.


To start using Wizdeo Analytics, click here.

Check other YouTubers' dashboard

As a Wizdeo Analytics user you can also find any YouTube channel on the  search engine and check their dashboard.

You will be able to view channels' stats like the number of views and subscribers.


Even better: you will be able to consult the statistics by video! It's now easy for you, thanks to Wizdeo Analytics, to rank the videos according to the ones that have the best evolution:

  • Views
  • Suscribers
  • Likes
  • Dislikes


You can also find videos that have generated the most engagement. "Engagement" mixes like, dislike, share, comment for a thousand views and evaluate the interation of your audience.

Here is an example of Cyprien's videos ranked according to those who made the most views on the first 7 days !

WA Recherche Cyprien EN

You can test this feature by logging into Wizdeo Analytics, but you will not be able to access more than 10 results per search. In order to make the most of this tool, you can access the full license here.


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