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A Médiamétrie study confirms that YouTube is the preferred social network for 15-24 year-olds. Wizdeo offers you good optimization practices for your programming in order to reach this demography and increase your audience.

In front of Snapchat and Facebook,YouTube wins the title of favorite social network among young French people. A study of Médiamétrie states that 80% of French 15 to 24 year-olds visit YouTube at least once a day, 26% of 15-24 year-olds even go there "three to five times a day".


Therefore this audience is a huge potential that can be better conquered by optimizing your programming to stick to their needs.




In order to better reach the 15-24 year-olds, the first reflex is to adapt to their schedules. They will be more likely to find your videos if they receive a notification or if your video is published when they are available.


The tendency would be to ban school and office hours, however reality is very different. In fact, best publication hours are different from a channel to another, that is why it is recommended to use a scheduling tool like Wizdeo Analytics to have personalized scheduling advices. 

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Gaming is very popular among 15-24 year-olds, which accounts for nearly half of their online video consumption. If you want to get closer to this audience, it is important to get closer to this category while respecting the concept of your channel. The goal is to include topics in this category while keeping what appeals to your current audience.


If you do DIY tutorials for example, it might be interesting to offer tutorials with elements of the great games of the moment. To help you find the gaming trends of the moment, Wizdeo Analytics can be a powerful tool. We even explain how to use it here.



 One of the main reasons that young people migrate from TV to YouTube is the closest proximity they can have with the Creators. It is therefore important to exploit also the social aspect of the platform to better meet the demand of this audience.

For this, YouTube offers several solutions. The first solution is to offer more interactive and personal content through FAQ videos or lives on a more personal topic. Do not neglect the tools made available by the platform, first and foremost the Community tab that allows you to maintain a more personal link with your community but also to offer polls to show that you are listening to your audience.



Do not neglect other social networks, which contribute to the consolidation of your community. A presence on the most popular ones (SnapChat, Twitter, Instagram, etc ...) is always a plus to be discovered and maintain the interaction with your community before your next video.

To go further on your audience analysis, to optimize your programming and increase your revenue, we remind you that Wizdeo Analytics is a powerful tool based on accurate data.


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