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Optimize your target reach, convert better and increase your ROI

Size means performance ? WRONG !

Most agencies and brands still think that picking the biggest influencers for their campaign is the best way to get a strong performance. However, the best option to really reach your target audience is to pick the most relevant ones, thereby converting better and increasing your ROI.

Wizdeo Analytics’ influencer selection tool ensures the best targeting for your brand content campaigns. Thanks to its unique technology, you can efficiently identify relevant cross platforms influencers  (YouTube, Facebook and Instagram) for your audience.

Basically, how does it work ? By entering keywords related to your target audience’s interests, Wizdeo Analytics provides you with a list of influencers with the highest proportion of their audience interested in those keywords.

The real performance driver is influencer audience targeting

Based on multiple influencer campaigns feedbacks, Wizdeo data scientists were able to correlate influencers’ community proximity with campaign’s performances (conversion, cost per conversion, reach...).

Using performance results from a random selection based on influencer size done by one of our partners, we can illustrate this correlation in the following table.

The tool was also able to uncover some relevant influencers who were not initially picked by our partner.



Increase your visibility and your brand community with a low budget

When you are developing your brand channel on YouTube rather than just conducting a brand campaign, inviting influencers on your channel helps you decrease the cost per subscriber. The cost is even lower when you choose an influencer based on his/her audience. The third column shows that picking an influencer based on his community’s relevance with the brand’s target audience provides with the best conversion rate and ROI.

 Comparison between 3 comparable brand channels performances in 3 month


Eager to find the right influencers for your next campaign ? Have a look on the influencer selection tutorial and register for free to try our influencer selection tool :


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