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We decided to provide you with a quick reminder of why it is important to not use misleading data to attract clicks and thus avoid sanctions from YouTube.

Using a title, video thumbnail or tag that does not match your video content result in penalties from YouTube. If your video contains clickbait content, the penalty can range from deleting your video to a Strike from YouTube.


It is important to have metadata which is consistent with the content in your video to avoid sanctions. Working on your thumbnails, your titles, finding relevant tags to fill in the appropriate section without writing them in the description (to avoid tons of tags which is also prohibited) are all ways that will allow you to be better referenced by YouTube and therefore have a better visibility to reach a new audience!


For more information, you can read this article and this one both created by YouTube to inform you about good metadata practices and sanctions for non-compliance.

Wizdeo Analytics YouTuber license can help you find keywords and tags for your videos.




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