Logo Wizdeo AnalyticsThe Wizdeo Analytics tool, developed by Wizdeo, allows you to better analyze your audiences and get a market study by providing daily monitoring of more than 700,000 channels on YouTube, in France and worldwide, classified by categories. It is in full development, you will see many improvements in the months to come, but it can already be very useful to you.

To learn more about your channel's performances but also compare yourself to the competition, read this article carefully:

To access Wizdeo Analytics for free, simply go to the website and click on "login" at the top right.

You also have the possibility to access premium access by consulting our offers.

(For our partners, inform your channel manager once this is done so that Wizdeo can open you premium access within 48 hours).

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The tool allows you to access advanced statistics on your channel. With this data, more comprehensive than in YouTube Analytics, you can easily find the information you need to improve your programming. Via statistics delivered on the data of each video within 7 days of upload, you can determine both the videos that have generated the most subscriptions but also the ones that your subscribers have watched the most.

On the other hand, on the Wizdeo Analytics homepage, you have access to a number of data concerning more than 700,000 YouTube channels: Category, number of views, number of subscribers and also the evolution of these figures. from one week to another or from one month to the next. You can browse all these channels or directly consult a channel by entering its name. 

The advantage of Wizdeo Analytics is that all these channels are also accessible through categories, which allows you to compare your channel to others of the same theme:

Comedy, Gaming, Music ...

You can also use the search to display only the channels of a specific country or speaking a certain language in a category. Discover below the top 5 French Comedy channels sorted by number of views over the last 7 days:

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You can also create and follow your own group of channels by entering the desired channels if you are in a niche market, if you play a single video game in particular or that some of your competitors are particularly interested - this group will only be visible to you. To do this, simply check the box to the left of a channel, then click on "Add to a group".

Contact your channel manager in case of doubts! The Wizdeo Analytics tool is of great value to help you develop your audiences.

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