A must read for all our Wizdeo partners: an article that sums up the importance of thumbnails on YouTube.


To summarize the article, here are several important points about the thumbnails:

A good thumbnail is a thumbnail that is often "clicked" when viewed, on a search page or on a “related videos” page.  It is very, very important: in fact, it is become probably more important than a good title.

Choosing a thumbnail is a privilege allowed for the channels like yours: YouTube partners. For the others, it's much more complicated (see the explanation video). But it will help you make a real difference… if you know how to use them!

As the article says, the qualities of a thumbnail must be:

Objectives : reference your video and improve its ranking on the search engine results.

Metadata is essential for your videos referencing in the search engine algorithm and on the “related videos” page.


Include the most searched words on YouTube in the metadata of your video:

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