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Wizdeo Analytics Insights become even more useful and now allow you to track third-party claims on your videos.

YouTube Creators are familiar with third-party claims : when you use content for which you do not have rights, the person holding the rights of that content may claim your video. This claim may relate to audio or video content, and may have two consequences :

- The monetization of your content can be in favor of the person holding the rights of the content

- Total or partial blocking of your content according to the regions of the world

In both cases, it is a potential loss of profit because you lose the monetization of your content.

Fortunately for you: keeping an eye on the claims placed on your videos has never been easier with Wizdeo Analytics insights ! Every month receive in your mailbox videos published and monetized on your channel this month that have been claimed. This new information comes with the numerous data that you can find on your report : Number of subscribers won in the month, of uploaded videos, total number of views made by new videos and old videos, your RPM average and a ranking based on earned subscribers ...

To access this information, simply go to your Wizdeo Analytics Dashboard on the Analysis / Monthly Insights tab. At the bottom of the insights, in the "Monetized videos published this month" box, you just have to click on the filter on the right and then change it to "Claims" to display the videos with one or more active claims first.

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CMS Managed: A path to strengthened detections

This feature can be very useful for CMS-Managed channels because since June 1st, the way the CMS works has changed. YouTube now checks all CMS-Managed channels in the same way it does with Affiliate channels, first recent published videos, then ,progressively, videos published before June 1st.

So expect third-party claims to rise on these channels, especially if YouTube claims one of your videos, it increases the risk of third-party claims on your other videos.

With this feature, you better track the tendency of your videos to be claimed and take actions to adapt your programming and edit your catalog. We can help you with this.


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