YouTube Live

Live content may be a different exercise compared to the creation of a video for the VOD, including good practices to keep in mind. Let's have a look at the dos and donts for all live content.

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To know if you are progressing well on YouTube, you should of course surpass yourself, but also compare your channel to others to analyze their strengths. To do so, Wizdeo Analytics suggests to compare your subscriber progression with two channels on the same category, but you can also rely on specific data to set a different goal and try to reach it.

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Wizdeo Analytics already allows you to see your channel's videos' RPM evolution to help you find out which videos are the most monetized. From now on, Wizdeo Analytics will also show you your day-to-day as well as your monthly revenue, while taking your revenue share with different parties (such as YouTube, YouTube Gaming, network...) into account, for you to easily know your exact revenue at any time period, without doing any calculation.

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