Continuing with the advertiser crisis in 2018, YouTube is still pursuing its efforts to moderate content on the platform (detecting nudity or offensive content in thumbnails, title, description, audio, or visuals), and it is clear that over time YouTube's Artificial Intelligence has become more sophisticated.


After a successful first attempt, many brands prefer to sponsor multiple videos or streams with the same Creator, rather than trying their luck with new Creators. This allows them to have a more predictable profitability, and usually the successive videos manage to bring them new buyers, different from those of the first video for a while.

On the Creator's side, such a partnership also allows a better visibility on sponsoring revenues, and avoids the bad surprises that would be a bad reaction of the audience, which may have already reacted to the first video.

But for a creator, how to know which brand to choose to get a long term partnership later on? And how to know what price to apply for these new campaigns, or even for the first "test" video? Wizdeo explains...

If many brands think that summer rhymes with vacations and therefore less time spent on screens, the figures show that this season would in fact be more favorable to influencer campaigns, with audiences in the average of the rest of the year. 

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