Super Thanks is currently available in beta version, only for a small group of creators monetizing their content.

This new feature allows creators to activate an additional revenue stream and interact with users who want to thank them for their content.


Marketers bear more risks on influencer campaigns than on media campaigns

Even if a view isn’t the same thing as a sale, the ROI on sponsored videos depends a lot on views made by the video:  campaigns which don't reach expected views will, all things being equal, generate less sales or conversions.

When compared with reserved media campaigns, there no view guarantees on influencer campaigns. Some brands have tried to force creators to bear the risk of underperforming campaigns by asking them to guarantee a level of views. But creators aren’t willing to take that risk, because they don’t have control over the views of their videos


Since 2017, Wizdeo is a proud member of the YouTube Measurement Program for its platform  Wizdeo Analytics, a world-class tool YouTube analytical tool.

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